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Additional Information

Limited English Proficiency:

Agencies participating in the Housing Counseling Program must seek to provide access to program benefits and information to LEP individuals through language assistance services, in accordance with Final Guidance to Federal Financial Assistance Recipients Regarding Title VI Prohibition Against National Origin Discrimination Affecting Limited English Proficient Person published on the Federal Register January 22, 2007 (72 FR 2732).

KHC’c plan serves non-English speaking or clients with limited English proficiency. We provide access to program benefits and information to LEP individuals through language assistance services at no cost to the client. The firm has MOU’s with Literacy Volunteers and Finger Lakes Community Health for Spanish clients. Translators will be hired to accommodate other languages which might be needed.

Alternative Settings/ Format:

The counseling should take place in a location convenient for the client and in a format that best meets their needs. Face-to-face, phone and secure internet, skype, virtual and video counseling are all appropriate alternatives and the counselor should use the setting and format that works best for the client.

Accommodations of Disabilities:

All disabilities are managed on an as needed basis. KHC has specific accommodations for the following needs, and meets additional ones as the situation requires:

  • Sight and hearing impaired
  • Elderly (phone, meet at their house, go and pick them up for meeting)
  • Accessibility needs
  • Handicap Accessible Office

Fee Structure:

The only fee charged is for the First Time Homebuyers Education ($75 per family which covers the homeownership manual and credit reports) and eHOME education, $99.

Affirmatively Further Fair Housing:

In the 7610.1 Handbook Rev, 5, HUD requires that funding recipients have a duty to Affirmatively Further Fair Housing (AFFH) in all its activities. KHC must affirmatively furthering fair housing for classes protected under the Fair Housing Act. Protected classes include race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability and familial status. Housing counseling agencies are expected to help remedy discrimination in housing and promote fair housing rights and fair housing choice.  At all group education classes, information regarding Fair Housing will be addressed.