Our Properties

The Keuka Housing Council owns and maintains over 10 properties between Penn Yan, Dundee, and Rushville. These properties consist of rental, emergency, transitional, and commercial housing. Keuka Housing Council plans to keep expanding to more in coming years. With several projects being developed, the Keuka Housing Council is growing every year. 


Penn Yan Properties

Here are two of our properties. The one to the left holds two 3-bedroom apartments. And the one to the right holds a total of five apartments; three 3-bedroom, one 2-bedroom, and one 1-bedroom apartments. All of our properties are maintained and renovated when needed. 





V.F.W. Project

We were able to purchase the V.F.W Post 745 on the corner of Benham and Elm St. We partnered with ProAction of Steuben and Yates to take on hunger. After completing renovations, the Hope Center food pantry opened its doors. Wegman's has donated equipment for storing perishables as well as other food. The Hope Center and Food Link are working together to reduce the food insecurity of Yates County residents. 


Dundee Project

The home pictured is part of our homeless housing assistance program which holds 4 apartments. We plan to be complete by July 1, 2017. 





Not only is this building our home office where all of our employees work hard everyday. This building also houses two 2-bedroom apartments and two 1-bedroom apartments, as well as, our commercial space that is rented to Community Dental. If you are walking by between 8am-4pm on week days, stop in and say hi. We welcome all to come and learn more about what we do in and for the community.